Social Activities

At Yoga Gangotri Trust we are engaged in different social activities mainly:

  • Conducting yoga classes for general public,
  • Conducting special therapy session for some diseases.
  • Organizing medical camps for general public, 
  • Providing help to needy at the time of natural calamity
  • Yoga teacher Training programmes to people

Our Aim:

  • Dedication to help poor.
  • To upgrade state of health by using yogic science.
  • To increase awareness towards providing basic facilities tor rural  children
  • Help to keep our villages clean and increase nature green.
  • Providing free shelter with quality basic facilities for students.
  • Participation to maintain harmony in villages
  • Provide opportunities to children in different fields like sports, cultural etc.


  • It is very essential to bring light in our ignorant people for uplifment of our children’s future.
  • There is need to convert the minds to work hard by using right path to alleviate poverty.
  • Need to convert every opportunity into facility.
  • Need to avoid the diversion of students from education to non-productive or anti-social activities.


Yoga Classes Yoga Classes Yoga Classes
Yoga Classes Yoga Classes Yoga Classes
Yoga Classes Yoga Classes Yoga Classes
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