Belaku is a dream project being executed by the Yoga Gangotri Trust. It is situated near Ramanagara 50km from Bangalore in a 5 acre campus. It is a YOGIC RESIDENTIAL ACCOMMODATION (YRA).The project is aimed at uplifting students belonging to the poorer sections of society.....

BELAKU provides:

  • Free shelter
  • Free nutritious food
  • Free clothing in school uniforms
  • Educational expenditure
  • Free health check ups

BELAKU also promote the following:

  • Yoga practices and its benefits,
  • Teaching languages, English, Sanskrit etc, 
  • Importance of higher education.
  • Physical training,
  • Intellectual power,
  • Training in music, singing, dancing etc.
  • Awareness about ecology and preservative nature

The Project has the following aims:

  • To upgrade state of health through Yoga
  • To increase awareness among parents to provide basic education to rural children
  • Help to keep our village clean and tidy
  • Increasing green cover
  • Provide free shelter with quality facilities for EWS students
  • Participation in maintaining harmony in villages
  • Provide opportunities to children in different fields like sports, cultural activities etc.

What is YRA?

Through Yogic Residential Accommodation we intend to provide free shelter to EWS children. It will,

  • Create an atmosphere for the village students to dedicate themselves completely to their studies
  • YRA will teach them Yoga which will influence the values they will live by

The project is aimed at students who have passed their 7th standard exams and are going to be admitted for their next 3 years of education (8th, 9th and 10th).

This age group has the higest risk of dropping out and to divert to other anti-social activities hence ideal to target for the future development of villages, and ultimately developing a population of Physically strong, intellectually sharp, citizens of India .

Belaku Belaku Belaku
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